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If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@laurenjparry), you already know that Michael took his longest nap EVER last week and it happened to be in our new DockATot! It’s only been a couple weeks since we welcomed DockATot into our home, and we love it already. Before I had Michael, I did a Baby Registry Must Have series. This definitely makes the cut for one of my Baby Registry Must Haves! You can view their full website here.


DockATot Review

I’ve been receiving tons of questions about it. Is it worth it? What do I use it for? What age groups is it for? Is it easy to clean? Does it only come in white?  So today I’m here to share some details with you guys and answer your questions! Let me start off by saying I’m sure every family uses theirs differently, and that’s one of the things I love about it! It can be used for: co-sleeping, nap time, changing diapers, playing, tummy time, and around the house.

Dock-a-tot baby registry must have


DockATot comes in two sizes: Delux (0-8 months) and Grand (9-36 months.) Michael is 10 months old so we have the Grand. I can only imagine how useful the Delux would have been with a newborn, but I am so excited that we will be able to get so much use out of this considering he will fit into it for 2 more years. All parts are fully washable, and there are also other cover options, which I have linked to at the bottom of this post.

baby favorites: dockatot

Our Day to Day Uses

As I mentioned, our number one use for DockATot is nap time. Sometimes transporting Michael to his crib upstairs during the day is nearly impossible. He typically wakes up as soon as I set him on his mattress, then becomes wide awake when he looks around and realizes it’s light outside. When I set him in our DockATot for a nap, it is much more cozy and comforting than his mattress. He doesn’t toss and turn when I set him down. It’s almost funny how he melts into it during a nap as if he was sleeping on clouds. It is easy to move around to any room in the house depending on what we are up to that day. It also has a handle on the side for easy transport, which brings me to one of my other favorite uses: nap time at other people’s houses! Between family dinners and getting together with friends, the DockATot comes in so handy. It’s much easier to tote around than a pack n play, and much more comfortable as well.

dockatot: must have baby product

A well rested baby equals a well rested and productive mama. I can’t tell you how much better my days are when I have a couple hours to myself. Sometimes those two hours are the most productive two hours, while other times they are used for some peace and quiet time. I feel so much more refreshed when Michael takes a solid nap, and that is why we LOVE DockATot.

DockATot Grand | DockATot Delux  | Pajamas

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I hope you enjoy my review! If you have more questions for me, please leave a comment below and I will be happy to answer.


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