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This past weekend I was able to reminisce about my own wedding as I helped a friend try on wedding dresses at Brilliant Bridal. Whenever a friend is engaged or I attend a wedding, I begin to think about what I would change about my own wedding. Obviously, I loved my wedding, but there are still small things I would change here and there. (I’m not the only one, right? I think we become more opinionated with age. 😉 ) One thing’s for sure: I would have done more research on wedding dress shopping.

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Why didn’t anyone inform me about shopping “off the rack?” I mean, who wouldn’t want discounted wedding dresses up to 80% off retail!? Plus, what I really love is that you get to leave with your dress, hence the name “off the rack.” I had a situation with my own dress where the wrong size was shipped to me, it was too late to order a new one, and the alterations ended up being a nightmare. Leaving with a dress in hand sounds like a sense of security!

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It was so fun looking at all of the beautiful dresses. I’m just a little in love with lace over here. Brilliant Bridal receives new inventory every week, and not one dress that they carry is the same.  I know first hand how it is to see someone else wearing your wedding dress, so I love that even if ten people came to shop at the same place for a dress, they would all leave with a different dress.

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Aside from dresses, Brilliant Bridal also carries belts, veils, jewelry, and cute bride tees. Two more thing I would change: I would wear a real veil instead of just a hair piece, and I would have way more flowers.

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Lets all take a moment to admire the lace detail on this dress! Many of the dresses are shipped straight to the store from top designers.

Shop wedding dresses off the rack at Brilliant Bridal.

All in all, we had a blast shopping at Brilliant Bridal! If you or someone you know is in need of a dress, make sure you tell them my number one tip when it comes to dress shopping: Try shopping “off the rack” first.

View their 5 boutique locations here.

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