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I am so excited to finally share my closet makeover with you! This was all done by hand by my amazing husband. When he told me he was going to fix up my closet, I had no idea the finished product was going to be this beautiful. You aren’t going to believe the before photos!

Small DIY walk in closet makeover

Small DIY walk in closet makeover

My biggest complaint about my original closet was that there was a ton of wasted space, and not near enough space for all of my clothes. I wanted to find a way to create more shelving, a place for my shoes, and a way to make it feel more open and bright. Below you can see some “before” photos of my closet.

DIY Closet Makeover

I had mismatched storage bins hiding underneath the hanging clothes, a plastic shoe rack hanging on the door, and too many wasted spaces. One thingI knew for sure is that I wanted him to create a space for my favorite shoes where his suits were hanging. (See photo below)

DIY Closet Makeover | How to open up and organize your closet

To begin, we searched all over Pinterest for closet inspiration. Obviously, my walk in closet isn’t large as most of the closets on Pinterest, but we were still able to find some great ideas. A lot of planning went into the closet before Brett got started.

After we came up with the initial plan, he took everything out including all shelving and carpet. We chose to replace tan carpet with a light grey laminate flooring. I think it makes such a huge difference in the closet!

Grey laminate flooring | Diy step by step closet makeover

After the flooring, he created a base. (All wood in this project is 3/4″ birch plywood.) Our two old dressers were placed on the base and he built dividers around them. Once the dividers were created, He removed the dressers and began building shelving.

Step by step closet makeover

The shelves and shoe rack were built, and it was time to begin on moulding, baseboards, and trim around all of the edges.

Step by step closet makeover on small walk in closet

Once the trim was done, it was time to paint! He painted using a Grayco Spray Gun with Behr Ultra White Paint.

step by step DIY closet makeover

Isn’t it beautiful!? We chose to go with silver hardware on the dressers, and chrome hanging rods. I ditched the random mismatched plastic hangers and opted for a neutral color felt hanger. A friend of mine suggested Huggable Hangers, and I ended up falling in love! It looks so much more organized having wood or felt hangers that are all the same. They huggable hangers aren’t bulky and I don’t have shirts falling off of them all day like I did with my plastic hangers.

Small DIY walk in closet makeover

I really wanted to find some storage bins to fit in the 3 cubbies against the wall. I ended up choosing these bins from the Container Store. One bin contains all of my denim, another bin has my colored denim and leggings, and the top bin is full of clutches, sunglasses, and other randoms that would normally clutter up the closet. If you haven’t discovered The Container Store yet, you NEED to. They have organization for every thing you can possibly think of in your house.

Small DIY walk in closet makeover

I found square chandeliers (similar here) and we replaced the bulbs with LED Daylight bulbs. We have switched out all of the bulbs in our home with the LED Daylight bulbs and I can’t tell you how much it has changed the lighting in our house! It completely takes away the yellow lighting that some lights give off. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new lighting fixture, I highly highly recommend these bulbs!

Small DIY walk in closet makeover

I organized my closet by placing my tops in the first section, layering pieces (vests, jackets, cardigans, etc.) in the middle, and dresses and skirts in the far right. Booties go up above the shirts and all of my boots are below the shirts. The dresser drawers consist of the items that don’t need to be hung like workout clothes, summer and swim, pajamas, etc.

Small DIY walk in closet makeover

It is so nice walking into a bright and organized closet everyday! It makes it so much easier to walk in and find exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks, husband! If you have any questions about the closet, the process, or products used, feel free to leave a comment below!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post!


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  1. I love your new closet! the floor and chandelier as well.
    Thank you for the three bins idea. As I sort out my closet, I have started change all my hangers to the Joy huggable hangers from the Container store.
    Thank you,
    Mariss B.

  2. Can you tell me where you purchased your light fixture? I’ve looked on Amazon and I can’t find one that looks like yours. Love your closet!

  3. Can you tell me what kind of floor was put..can you post a link? thinking of changing the floor in my bedroom !!

    Season Greetings from Peru