Why I Started Using a Car Seat Strap Holder

Does anyone else dread putting their child in their car seat? The moment we start walking towards the car, Michael turns into a monster. He starts squirming, crying, and throwing his head back. Even if your child doesn’t turn into a monster, setting your child down and digging for the car seat straps to buckle him in is a major pain. I usually try to conveniently hand him to my husband right before we’re headed to the car. 😉 Ever heard of a car seat strap holder? I hadn’t either.

baby registry products: car seat strap holder from Tria Baby

I’m sure we’ve all attempted to master the car seat strap fiasco one way or another, but they always manage to get twisted and land in an inconvenient place. Buckling in a squirming baby is hard enough, so today I’m sharing about the Tria Baby car seat strap holder. Say goodbye to digging for straps and hello to easy loading. The strap holder automatically pulls the shoulder straps to the side and the center buckle to the front.

Tria Baby Car Seat Strap Holder

trip baby car seat strap holder

The Tria Baby car seat strap would have been so convenient when Michael was younger as well. I think about all of those times I would try to load my sleeping baby into the car seat. I had 2 options:

1. Trying to hold a sleeping baby in one arm while attempting to adjust the straps before setting him in, all while wishing that the straps wouldn’t move and he stayed asleep while I was setting him down.

2. Setting him down and trying my hardest to dig for the straps that were conveniently located under my sleeping baby.

car seat strap holder

How To:

After you buckle the regular car seat strap, you simply click the blue (or pink) buckles together. It’s as easy as that. Installation takes about 3 minutes and it is designed to work with any car seat on the market. This is a major plus as we are about to transition Michael into his “big boy car seat.” (I feel like he is growing up way too fast.)

car seat strap holder

It even helps with unloading by getting the straps out of the way as soon as you unbuckle. I’m all about a product that makes mom life a little easier! It’s one of those products that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”  You can read more about the Tria Baby car seat strap holder on their website here.



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