Brian Head in Fall

Fall Family picture Brian Head in Fall Brian Head family outing

mom and baby

family picture

My outfit: Top (runs large, size down. multiple colors) | Jeans | Booties

Baby outfit: Vest (similar) | Jeans | Shoes

Brett’s Outfit: Sweater: sold out | Jeans | Shoes

Brian Head

I will be sharing more from our Brian Head trip later this week, but I wanted to show you some quick picks that we snapped before heading to Cedar City for the SUU homecoming football game. The majority of the time I was in Brian Head I was cozied up in sweats and no makeup, but since we were getting ready for the game we decided to have my sister in law take a few pictures.

Right before taking pictures I realized that my top was way too big. I ended up switching it for a size smaller once we got back in town. It is really soft and also looks great with leggings and boots.

More photos to come.

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