My Breastfeeding Story + The MomSense Breastfeeding Meter

Everyone has their nursing story, and today I’m opening up about some details of mine. Some people love every second, some people have conflicting views, and sometimes nursing just really stresses people out or doesn’t exactly work out. I’m excited to share about the MomSense breastfeeding meter, a product that I think so many moms will love and enjoy.

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Pre-Pregnancy: As I was talking with Brett one day about our future children, breastfeeding was brought up. We realized that we both had completely different views on breastfeeding. I was personally a formula baby, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Not to say that Brett thought formula was bad, but he was very adamant about nursing our children. I just felt iffy about it. Through my whole pregnancy people would ask if I was planning on breastfeeding and I was always indifferent about it. I just wasn’t into it. (Gasp!) We agreed that I would at least give it a try.

The First Time: The nurses handed me the baby and said it was time to feed him. I held Michael up to me, not really knowing what I was doing. I was still unsure this whole breastfeeding thing. After all, I was a formula baby and I like to think I turned out just fine. He latched on and I felt an instant relief. It was as if he was saying “we got this, mom.”

In a world where I felt like every one knew more about having a baby than me, I was the only one who could give my child what he needed at that moment. I had never even changed a diaper before. Nursing gave me confidence and provided me with an instant bond to Michael. I will never forget that moment. I never felt sick of nursing him, and I always looked forward to that time we spent together. The night Michael was born, I remember looking at Brett and telling him that I already loved nursing.

The Struggle

I have so many friends who have struggled with breastfeeding. Many of them knew during their entire pregnancy that they wanted to breastfeed, but when it came down to it, many different factors brought on loads of stress. I almost felt guilty and wished I knew how to help them. Michael had a great latch, I had a large milk supply, and he simply ate until he was full. I just keep wishing I knew about the MomSense breastfeeding meter sooner. It would have helped put so many of their minds at ease. I can only imagine how helpful it would have been with a young baby, especially if you are worried about how much milk your baby is receiving. In fact, even as a mom who had an easy nursing experience, I would have loved to start using the MomSense breastfeeding meter sooner.

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What exactly is the MomSense breastfeeding meter?

MomSense provides the peace of mind that comes from real time results. It shows how much your baby has nursed at the end of a feeding. All you have to do is download the MomSense app, plug the MomSense breastfeeding meter into your phone, and switch your phone or iPad to flight mode. Position the nursing sensor directly below the earlobe and press start on the app.

When you begin to nurse, you will be able to see visuals on the app of when your baby is swallowing. It is such a precious sound to hear your baby’s swallows with the earphones. After your child is done, you will receive a custom report of how much your baby has nursed. How neat is that!?

I recently stopped nursing Michael, but I had a chance to use the MomSense breastfeeding meter during the last week of nursing him. That week was very emotional and special to me, which was a surprise to me. To be honest, I cried and cried after the first 24 hours of not nursing Michael, and Brett and I were both a little shocked at how emotional it made me. I guess I just ended up loving nursing. I will definitely be using the MomSense breastfeeding meter with our future children.

The app records the date, time, duration, and ounces from each feeding. In the beginning, especially at the hospital, it was so hard to keep track of everything. I was sort of in a daze, and this would have been so perfect!
I think this would make such a good gift for a baby shower, an expecting mom, a new mom, or someone who is having some nursing frustrations. To learn more about the MomSense breastfeeding meter, click here.


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