Chosen by You: Top 12 Best Colognes for Men that Women Love

Last week I took to Instagram to have everyone submit their favorite Men’s cologne in time for Father’s Day! The top two choices for best colognes for men won by a landslide. The submissions were so helpful in deciding what I should order Brett that I decided to compile it into a quick list of the best colognes for you to reference if you’re shopping for mens gift ideas too!

Shopping for cologne is tricky and overwhelming. Since there were quite a few repeats, I decided to only show the top 12 colognes for men that were recommended by multiple people!

Which one did I end up ordering for Brett? The most recommended one on the list, and the first on the roundup below: YSL L Homme. Abecrombie Fierce came in as the second most recommended cologne, which actually kind of surprised me! Hope you enjoy the list of best men’s colognes chosen by you!

Shop these Best Colognes for Men:

Top 12 Best Colognes for Men featured by top US life and style blog, Outfits & Outings

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