Baby Registry Must Have: Modern Baby Books

Its Friday and by now you know what that means! I’m one more week closer to my due date (37 weeks!) and it’s time to share another baby registry must have.

White Modern Baby Book | Mushy Books

One thing I have really enjoyed during my pregnancy is scoping out unique products baby and mom. The typical light blue and light pink baby items are cute, but they’re just not “me”. I started searching for a baby book to record milestones in our babies life and wanted to find something special. I searched high and low and found Mushybooks. Mushybooks are designed for people who like clean lines, pops of color and simplicity.

White Modern Baby Book | Mushy Books

I had a hard time choosing which book to purchase, but ended up finally choosing Dreamcatcher. The Dreamcatcher book is all black and white with geometric patterns in it. I decided I wanted all of the color in the book to be from the photos I put in there.

White Modern Baby Book | Mushy Books

It even has spots to write about my pregnancy and post a few maternity photos. The part that REALLY got me is when I started reading the prompts in the pages. “When I first saw you…” and “When daddy first held you…” made my emotional pregnant self shed a tear or two. I can’t wait for that moment to come!

White Modern Baby Book | Mushy Books

Did you notice the pallet wall in the background? Thats a little sneak peek of the nursery! My husband did such a great job on the nursery and I can’t wait to share a full “tour” of the nursery once we’re all done. Don’t let the word “tour” fool you… its a small room. We’re currently finishing up some final touches in there.

White Modern Baby Book | Mushy Books

I have been on a washi tape kick lately and I love finding fun washi tape patterns to use in the book to tape down photos. If you haven’t jumped on the washi tape train yet, you HAVE to! It’s a fun and cute way to add a pop of design to things like sealing envelopes, taping things in your planner, taping up photos, etc. I also plan on reinforcing all of the photos with Self Adhesive squares just incase the washi tape doesn’t quite hold up.

White Modern Baby Book | Mushy Books

Baby Book: Mushybooks, also on Etsy | Shirt: ILY Couture

Photography by PhotoGraff Design

If you’re looking to find the perfect baby book for you, the best place to start is by searching on Pinterest, Etsy, and hashtags on Instagram. There are so many fun products out there, but sometimes it takes a little digging to find the perfect one for you. I hope you have an amazing weekend. If you enjoyed today’s post, you may enjoy previous baby registry must haves posted below. I CANT wait to share next weeks must have! It is one of my favorites!

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