Baby Halloween Costume

Baby Halloween Costume

You can call us Elepham. Get it? Elephant Elephamily 😉 I can’t get enough of these pictures!

mom and baby costume

When I dress Michael in everyday clothes, I always try to keep him comfortable. The same came when trying to find the perfect baby Halloween costume. I was determined to find something simple and comfortable to keep him happy because I’d rather not be toting around a fussy baby to Halloween parties.

baby halloween costume

First, we tried a lion costume. The picture on Amazon was SO good. It arrived and it was nothing like the picture, and clumps of hair were all over my floor by the time I took it out of the package. Thank goodness for free shipping, free returns right?

family costume

Brett and I went to a few Halloween stores trying to decide if we wanted to do something creative as a family. By the time I calculated out 3 legit halloween costumes, it was nearing $200. I feel like if we would have planned it a little bit earlier, prices would have been cheeper. I’m totally that mom who likes to match her babies. No shame!

baby halloween

Then we came across this simple and adorable costume. I just love it! When the elephant head is not attached, he’s in a simple comfy onesie. The elephant trunk actually distracts him. He loves to play with it.

baby costume

Then my friend found the most amazing onesie pajama costumes. They’re SO soft and zip right up, plus they’re under $30. I really wanted the Unicorn, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to match Michael. You better believe Brett has one too! Unfortunately he was the one snapping the pictures so he didn’t make it in the shot, but I’m going to try to get some family pics on Halloween of the 3 of us. You can view all of the onesie options here.

baby halloween

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Happy Halloween!

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