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Every month we take photos of Michael with a monthly sticker, and today we took his three month photos! I shared a sneak peek on my snapchat. He only turned three months old two weeks ago.. oops! I know if I stick with it, the photos will be SO worth it in the end. It’s hard to tell in these photos but this cute blanket says “love you to the moon and back” …isn’t it the cutest!? It’s more of a snuggle blanket than a park blanket, but it was too cute not to photograph.

Best Baby Products So Far

When I was pregnant I did SO much research on the products that I needed because who doesn’t wan’t to have the best of the best baby products? I have yet to compile the ultimate baby registry list, but I’m hoping to get the post together for you guys soon! In the mean time, I wanted to do a quick post on a few of the best baby products I couldn’t live without lately. Sidetone: Brett helped me compile this list. You know its good if the husband says you need it!


Owlet Monitor: I think every mom should have this monitor. I’m in love with it. Owlet is a sock that is designed to alert parents if the baby stops breathing or if their heart rate is at a dangerous level. You can read my in depth review here. It has truly put me to ease when I put Michael to bed at night and it even comes with us when we travel. If you go through this link you can receive a $20 off promo!


Nuroo swaddle: I’ve mentioned this swaddle before. I wrap Michael up in this every night when we’re getting ready for bed. The lightweight fabric is unlike any other swaddle I have. It seriously feels like Lululemon for your baby. I wish they made women’s shirts in the same material. Its amazing. 2 other things I love about this swaddle: It is easy to use and it is designed to grow with your baby. There are three different ways to use the swaddle depending on your child’s size.


Wubbanub: We have a puppy, a lamb, and a monkey, and we never leave the house without at least one of them. They stay in his mouth so much easier than other pacifiers, and it’s adorable to see him hold his little animals. These are available at other stores like Nordstrom, but Amazon has the biggest selection by far.


Jumper: It was so hard for me to buy a jumper because it made me feel like Michael is growing up too fast. (I know, I know…insert eye roll) But seriously they develop and change so quickly! I noticed he was super antsy and just wanted to play, and that’s when I knew it was time to buy it. We bought this Baby Einstein Jumper a couple weeks ago. It has 5 different height settings which was a must have on my checklist. I’m really not one for cheesy colorful baby toys, but it’s great for their development. He loves to jump and play with the different toys on it. There are tons of great jumpers out there, so make a checklist of what you want (lights, height settings, etc.) in order to narrow it down.

Nursing Cover

Multi Use Nursing Cover: My nursing covers go everywhere with me! I have two and I rotate between them. These covers are so convenient and I love how they don’t take up a ton of space in my diaper bag.

Back Seat Mirror

Back Seat Mirror: This has been so so helpful during car rides! Aside from being able to check on him, i love that that it distracts him when we’re in the car. He loves to stare at himself and giggle until he falls asleep.


Puj bath tub: Michael recently out grew this tub, but this was a must have in the beginning. I have the gift set, but you can also purchase the tub on its own. It is so much easier to store than a bulky bath tub and fits right in the sink. The towel that came in the gift set is our favorite bath towel to dry him off with.

Little Snugglers

Huggies Little Snugglers: I know it sounds weird to include diapers on this list, but something I learned the hard way is that all diapers are not created equal. I started out using pampers. Long story short, many clothes and shopping trips were ruined due to the blowouts. I’m laughing typing this reminiscing about all of the gross things that have happened the past three months. Anyways, I switched over to Huggies Little Snugglers and the blowouts went from being an every day occurrence to a very rare occasion. Plus, on a totally not important note, Huggies are much cuter because they have Whinnie the Pooh instead of Sesame Street. 😉

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best baby products! Stay tuned for the Ultimate Baby Registry List.

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  1. He’s so adorable! Blow-out part made me laugh – I remember those days and Huggies were #1 in my book! <3